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Blue Barcelona, bed & breakfast


Barcelona beach

Barcelona boasts more than 5 km of beach accessible to the public with many beach bars where you can enjoy a cool drink, ice cream and even lunch or dinner at the seashore. Without doubt, the paya in Barcelona and its great beaches are the favorite of many tourists from around the world destination.


Night in Barcelona

The nightlife of Barcelona in the summer … to say. Lots of places to go and lots of environments for everyone. From humble music bars that take decades to occupy the narrow streets in the center of the city Comdal to macro discotheques, without forgetting the celebrations of the districts of Barcelona. The wonderful source of Montjuic, located in the Plaza of Spain in Barcelona.


Do not stop the Music

Virtually every weekend during the summer in Barcelona some or several musical events take place. Concerts and festivals on the beaches, mountains, city center. How could it be otherwise, in Barcelona as multicultural city that is sure to find your perfect spot to spend an unforgettable time with the family or your fellow travelers.


Barcelona paella

The famous paella in Barcelona. The dish tasted each of the tourists who land in the city. Go to Barcelona and do try their fabulous paella could be considered not to have been in Barcelona. And no doubt: Paella, beach, cool drink … Unbeatable!

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